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Direct Lending

Borrowing money quickly without a bank, with little or no collateral, and often flexible repayment options. That is Direct Lending. Attractive features that appeal to many entrepreneurs. Especially since bank procedures have only become more bureaucratic and banks are increasingly reluctant to provide money. Direct Lending is a serious alternative and maybe the alternative form of financing that suits your business.

What is Direct Lending?

Direct Lending is borrowing money without the involvement of a bank. Lenders make loans directly to businesses.

For many years, lending to businesses was the exclusive domain of banks. Read more about how Direct Lending came about as a form of financing here.

Terms and conditions of Direct Lending

The exact terms are different for all parties. In general terms, these are the most common conditions:

What are the advantages of Direct Lending?

Why do entrepreneurs prefer Direct Lending over other forms of (non-bank) financing? In our view, these are the advantages:

The added value of Xolv Finance

The Direct Lending financing method requires a solid knowledge of the market. We know better than anyone what the possibilities are, what conditions the lenders have, and how an application is written so that the lender can quickly make an offer.

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