Credits with
a partial guarantee

GSME credit

The GSME credit: a credit that the Dutch government guarantees, by which you will have your money quickly. Moreover, the supply of financiers has grown, which means that alternative lenders may also provide credit with a state guarantee. This has advantages for you as an entrepreneur. There is also the GSME-C credit, a specially created regulation to support entrepreneurs who have suffered from the corona crisis.

What is a GSME loan?

GSME stands for Guarantee for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) Credits. The Regulation makes it possible to increase the collateral of companies to offer financiers more security during the process of taking out a loan.

GSME credit: a state guarantee means credit after all

The Dutch government guarantees the provided GSME credits (formerly known as State guarantees). The bank can place half of the credit application in a guaranteed credit for which the state guarantees 90 percent. The goal? To stimulate Dutch small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The GSME credits can no longer be obtained only through the traditional large banks. Alternative financiers can also provide this credit, which also provides for a special corona regulation.

Corona regulation GSME-C

As one of the first measures to tackle the corona crisis, the State has expanded the GSME regulation with a corona provision: the GSME-C. Read more about the GSME regulation here and until when this regulation is valid.

Why apply for GSME credit through an alternative lender?

It is a good development that companies can apply for GSME credit with alternative financiers. These financiers are innovative and will brainstorm with you, the entrepreneur. They are used to providing credit without or with little collateral and do not overcomplicate the provisions of the contract. In addition, their assessment process is without exception much shorter – and thus faster – than that of the major banks. Their flexibility and speed are exactly what helps you forward as an entrepreneur.

The added value of Xolv Finance

The GSME credit requires a solid knowledge of the market. We know better than anyone what the possibilities are, what conditions the providers of financing have, and how to write an application to ensure that the provider can quickly make an offer.

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